5 popular myths about recruitment

5 popular myths about recruitment

January 31, 2023

The topic of recruiters and candidates does not lose its relevance even now. In recent years, the IT market has experienced both an oversaturation of projects and their lack.

During this time, especially in the period of the hot market and the increase in the number of vacancies, many stereotypes and myths about recruiters were formed, which we would like to try to dispel.


Myth 1. Recruiting is for women only

Indeed, the majority of IT recruiters are women, but this does not mean that men cannot succeed in this field. Being a man in recruiting allows you to stand out from other specialists and build your own special personal brand.

We are sure that each of you knows at least one famous male recruiterūüėČ


Myth 2. HR and recruiter are the same person

In small companies, it can really be. However, usually, HR and recruiter are two different specialists.

How to distinguish them? Everything is simple:

The recruiter is engaged in a search and hiring a person. When it comes to onboarding and all further processes with the employee - here comes the HR manager's time.


Myth 3. Recruiters do not have any technical knowledge

Of course, most recruiters don't have programming skills and don't have a strong technical background.

However, before starting to work with a vacancy, recruiters study in detail what programming language they are dealing with, what technologies are used on the project, what type of architecture, etc.

So, our recruiters can tell you a lot about the project, including the technical aspects.


Myth 4. Recruiters only read CV and conducts interviews

It is a common myth that recruiters do nothing but review CVs and sometimes may conduct an interview. In fact, most of the time recruiters are engaged in sourcing - searching for candidates. Sometimes there is even a separate role in the company - sourcer - a person who looks for interested candidates and passes them to the recruiter for further stages.

After the interview, there are many more negotiation processes with technical recruiters, hiring managers and clients. A recruiter is a person who keeps all these processes under control.


Myth 5. Recruiters aim to drag candidates down

Sometimes candidates think that the recruiter is trying to aggressively bombard the candidate with questions and is only looking for negativity. In fact, the interview is from both sides, so it is more like a dialogue.

The recruiter is interested in closing the vacancy, so communication with the candidate is the highest priority. We believe that high-quality cooperation between the recruiter and the candidate is the way to successful hiring and finding a win/win solution.


What myths would you like to add? Which profession's myths would you like to read about in the next post?