How 2022 influenced our lives

How 2022 influenced our lives

December 30, 2022

Here we are already on the threshold of 2023.
The 2022 year was full of challenges, and we successfully coped with them.
In this article, we decided to summarize and share our thoughts about it.

We believe that the new year 2023 will bring us new opportunities and many positive moments.
And what was 2022 like for you?


Olena Mulyk, Scrum Master 

Despite the full-scale war, 2022 has shown me how happy and blessed I am - with my family, my home, my friends and - not least - my job. I learnt to cherish every moment and make the most out of it. There were wins and losses, and I can now surely say that happiness is not necessarily living in peace and quiet, but also overcoming life's challenges, one step at a time.    


Mariya Mirylo, Recruitment Lead

2022 has turned everything upside down and totally has changed my plans for this year. Our company, InterLogic, showed reliability, flexibility, and a personal approach to each employee.

We redesigned some processes inside our recruiting team and now it's more efficient and gives more opportunities for the development of team members.

Despite the stress we all face because of war, I received new experiences. First of all, it is about recruiting in Poland. And a great chance to boost English skills) 

And the possibility to learn more in detail about work/life of our polish friends.

Currently, I am in Finland. I remember those times when we started to work remotely from Ukraine in 2020 and now I work remotely from the world)

I miss my hybrid work and the possibility to interact with people in person. But Finnish nature, living in a seaside town and great people smooth out all these moments.



Iryna Yemets, HR Lead 

This year was not that easy for all of us. Still, there were some good moments to remember) 

Our HR/Marketing team has grown to 6 people. I am happy that we have found each other and I believe that together we will bring more value and awesome ideas.  

There was a great business trip to one of our customers in Copenhagen. I`m in love with this city and so grateful that my company gave me a chance to visit it. And for sure, it was a productive time to agree a few important HR processes.  

And I finally had my vacation at the seaside. Time for a winter one 😉 


Andriy Dvorchyn, HR Director 

One year of war brought many changes to familiar routines and festive rituals. Now we are engaged in a war for independence, testing whether Ukrainians can endure against the empire of evil.  

For many families, the most difficult part of wartime is spending the festive season apart from loved ones or away from home as evacuees. Many men and women are fighting in the Ukrainian armed forces or contributing to our future Victory by volunteering or donating money. A lot of Ukrainians had suffered the death of a family member either in action or from enemy attacks on civilians...  

Whatever we say now, the world will little note individual contributions, but it can never forget what we do and achieve altogether as a nation. We should maintain hope, but not succumb to mere wishful thinking. There are a lot of challenges ahead which still require our full engagement at work with colleagues and at home with family.  

I want to thank you already in advance for having more goodwill to win, more willingness to understand one another and more humility before higher values next year. Then things will have become better... 

I wish you all happy winter holidays and God’s blessing. 



Anna Danylevych, HR Specialist 

From the working side, 2022 showed who is able to accept the challenges, and who needs our support the most. 

It was filled with good moments, we showed that we are strong and that our work both in and outside of IT is invaluable.  

We have found new ways to work with people and be productive.  

And realized that mental health is no less important than physical health.  

No lack of light and water has made us abandon what we are able to do best: code, develop and help those who need it. 



Sofiia Kalmuk, Marketing Specialist 

Every Ukrainian, including me, will remember this year in a special way. A year that turned everything upside down. A year that taught us to appreciate everything we have. 

Undoubtedly, this year we have become an example of strength and endurance for the whole world. We have all learned to adapt to different situations and work tirelessly even under missile attacks. Now every Ukrainian can write the skill "stress resistance" in their CV, that's for sure. 

I am very grateful to my team, which is always a point of support and this year we united even stronger. I am also very grateful to our volunteers and the company itself for helping our Armed Forces with all their efforts. 

Also, this year I got an opportunity to work in the direction of HR marketing, which I enjoy very much. 

From 2023, I expect only victory, the rest we will arrange ourselves. 



Marcin Rogalski, .NET Engineer 

Year 2022 affected me especially from professional perspective - as a Software Engineer I decided to change the job after 8 years of working in same company. And it was a great decision. It was positive not only from the technological point of view (new projects, new tech stack, new challenges), but especially because of "human factor" context. 

I've met many friendly people, willing to share knowledge and help. But what I noticed the most... if you talk with someone from Lviv, Kyiv, Denmark or Gdansk - everybody are friendly, professional, full of optimism. It only shows how strong and mature we are. The war made many of us stronger. No matter the obstacles, problems, lack of internet or electricity - we're still moving forward, we're still doing our job very well, we still deliver value to our Customers. And I think that's the most impressive, inspiring and amazing fact! 


What would you like to highlight from 2022 year?

Share your thoughts in comments :)