Our office in Lviv Citadel

Our office in Lviv Citadel

September 12, 2021

By Olga Kryvytska, English Teacher at InterLogic            

InterLogic office is located in Lviv Citadel, a complex of fortifications of Austrian times.  It consists of four bastion towers and a three-story barracks building. Throughout the history, this building has served many purposes.

            First of all, being located on a strategic hill, overlooking the old part of the city, this special military and defensive construction was build for the Austrian military garrison in 1852-1854. In 1914 the Austro-Hungarian troops left the city almost without a fight, and a Russian garrison was located there in the citadel for several months.

            The most terrible part of the citadel history was during the Second World War when the citadel housed the Stalag 328 POW concentration camp organized by Nazis where they tortured many Red Army prisoners, as well as Italian soldiers, after Italy decided to withdraw from the war. After the Second World War, the citadel housed a Soviet military unit, and later, in 1979-1993, the Electron Research Institute of Informatics and Management (NDIIU). In Soviet times, one of the bastion towers housed Vasyl Stefanyk Scientific Library. Since 1991 there have been many office spaces operating in former bastions and barracks. In 2007, one of the towers has been converted into a five-star Citadel Inn Hotel. In the nearest future, Lviv City Council is planning on renovating some of the citadel buildings and opening a modern art centre to preserve its form and shape as well as the memories of what used to be going on there back in the day.

            Despite its sad past, nowadays we are witnessing a new story being created in the citadel building where the brightest minds gather together to develop useful software that helps in various fields of life. As the saying goes, “You can’t change the past but you change the future.” And that’s what we are doing here at InterLogic – creating a better future and making a difference in the world!