Tips for Trainee/Junior jobseekers

Tips for Trainee/Junior jobseekers

March 29, 2023

by Yuliia Misiura, IT Recruiter at InterLogic

Finding a job is something everyone goes through. High competition, a small number of Trainee/Junior level vacancies - this is what makes these searches quite difficult. 

This article will help you build your search correctly and finally get your dream job. Step-by-step instructions, links to useful websites, life hacks from recruiters - you can find it all in this article.



● Find a platform where you can scroll new positions daily, telegram channels, follow posts of Hiring Managers of different companies on LinkedIn or LinkedIn groups, etc.

● The global popular resources: Djinni, DOURecruitika, Jobs UA, Jooble
To follow new vacancies from InterLogic and apply you can use our Telegram Bot.

● The first screening on your CV must be 10/10 relevant to the position you are applying for. You must read clearly the vacancy and adapt your CV with keywords vacancies. For instance, you can use the templates of your colleagues or use the special sites:, Resume Worded, Canva.

● You should know that for 1 Junior Position can apply 100-200 candidates in one day, so you need to be proactive and cooperate with Recruitment specials on messengers (email, LinkedIn, etc). You should be at the recruiter focus by reminding yourself all of the time.

If you are invited to the interview - congrats, but this is just the beginning :)



● The first step will be an interview with HR. Find more information about the company and project/product you are interviewing for.

● Prepare the presentation of your pet projects. Pet projects could be crucial during the final stage before sending an offer so it could be your golden ticket to getting a job.

● After the HR interview feels free to ask for any feedback, it will be useful for you and represents you from the best side to the recruiter.

● Ask and take the test task. It is a controversial point, but you need more practical experience so it's a good opportunity for you.

● Ask about the technical interview - how it will go, the key points you need to prepare for, etc. At least this should put your mind at rest.

The main aim at this stage is that the recruiter includes you in the company database and can get back to you in the future.



● English level is a very important skill in IT. You will need to discuss technical and non-technical questions with the team, write emails, and chat with clients. Sometimes it could be a decisive skill during hiring the best candidate. You can improve your English skills by attending private lessons, watching videos on YouTube/Netflix, and self-studying using online courses in Coursera/YouTube/Duolingo.

● Expanding your networking, visit free professional events to find new colleagues,

● Define your stack and improve your knowledge of it.

● Experiment with technologies.

I hope my tips will help you and very soon you will find your perfect job.
Remember that it is important not to give up, to be proactive, and to take new knowledge and
 experience from each interview.