Voice-controlled solutions with Alexa API

Voice-controlled solutions with Alexa API

January 11, 2018

For us, developers, the challenge is to create such a notable interface that actually wouldn’t be noticeable at all. Our clients want their end customers to interact with products/solutions in a way that would require minimum effort on their part and maximize returns at the same time. Interfaces tend to develop in a way that resembles our natural behavior. This is one of the key reasons why most people would prefer a touchscreen to any manual device, whether it’s a mechanical switcher or an optical mouse. But how would you like to be able not just to pick the desired option with your fingertips but to simply voice your preferences to the machine instead?

What Alexa actually does is talk. Users can interact with an interface in, probably, the most convenient way by simply talking to it. Another essential benefit of voice-recognition technology is that the only thing it requires is a microphone – a component all modern laptops, tablets and, obviously, phones are equipped with. Therefore, there is no need to wonder whether your clients have a touch-supported screen. On the technical side, Alexa uses a set of basic skills, which can be enhanced by programming them for a particular situation and end customers’ particular needs. For example, the system can tell your parcel’s current location if you voice the parcel’s tracking number. Moreover, Alexa can ask a person to literally rate a product or a service, and, by doing so, increase the number of customer reviews.

Currently, the voice-commanded systems continue to learn in order to be 100% helpful and become an integral part of human lives. However, at InterLogic we believe that this technology will change the way people interact with their devices. Hence, we want our clients to be prepared for this switch and to understand how exactly their business can integrate the solution, what the end-customers’ expectations are and what questions they usually ask. We are ready to customize and integrate all the potential that Alexa Voice Service has to offer to fully meet your company’s needs and develop an interface in which a good old-fashioned conversation with a client is back, after having been replaced for some time by the quietness of machines.

Today one can easily imagine a world in which, for example, a biometrical identification system provides access without asking for a password, and a voice-commanded system allows interaction with services without a single touch. That is why we keep an eye on technological progress and aim to solve our clients’ current problems with products already prepared for the future. As a result, we see Alexa API as an innovative and flexible solution which lets your end-customers be genuinely heard, saving their time by making the interaction with a service more natural and convenient.